Friday, May 30, 2008

*The Origin of Chocolate Chip Cookies*

I recently published a post on our family blog with a recipe for choc. chunk cookies we made for Morgan's graduation party, so I thought I would post where chocolate chip cookies got their start.
I found my information in the book, 'Girls Think of Everything' written by Catherine Thimmesh.
Ruth Wakefield and her husband took an old toll house on Route 18 in Whitman, MA and turned it into and a dining establishment and inn. One day in the 1930's, Ruth was rushing to make a batch of chocolate-butter drop cookies. Her recipe required her to melt the chocolate chocolate squares and then pour the chocolate in the batter. Not having the time to melt the chocolate, Ruth broke the it into chunks and dropped them in the batter. She thought that the chocolate chunks would melt into the batter as the cookies baked, but was surprised to find out that her kitchen flop was a culinary delight! Her customers absolutely loved them. Ruth and her husbands business grew and so did the demand for "Ruth's Toll House Cookies." Nestle candy company was curious as to why their chocolate sales in the eastern region had grown and went to investigate the source. At Ruth's request, Nestle agreed to score lines into their chocolate bars to make them easier to break. Then, in 1939, Nestle created a special chocolate morsel just for Ruth's cookies; they were known as chocolate chips. Nestle bought the rights to the Toll House name and got Ruth's permission to print her recipe on the back of their chocolate chip packages. It is said that she was given a lifetime's worth of chocolate.


  1. Wow! What an interesting story! You never know when a kitchen flop will turn into a fast money maker! :-D

  2. Too funny! I think most recipes were made by mistakes that turned out really good. :)


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