Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Jog, A Sore Throat, Leftover Science, and Another Hot Chocolate Spill...

Alright lets start with the jog. A dad of one of the players from our Homeschool basketball team has just started a homeschool running team. Jared and I went to the first practice yesterday and had quite a bit of fun despite the fact that it was only 45 degrees out (thank goodness I found these really cute sport pants at Goodwill the day before or I would have been wearing b.ball shorts with a pair of my bros. socks pulled up to meet in the middle). After my jog around the approximately 1/2 mile track, I realized I am not a distant runner. I was huffing and puffing like an old woman by the time I got half way around the track. Then we did a rely race where we were positioned all the way around the track. Desperate to pass the Gatorade bottle off to my brother, I ran like the wind-I can sprint. Our team won by literally a hair it was so close! My bodies a little sore today not to mention I went ice skating on Wednesday fell twice, bruised my knees, and then rushed off to ballet as soon as I got home.

Now for the sore throat. Don't you just hate it when you feel sick? You wake up one morning and you can't really talk because your throat is so sore. Your siblings rejoicing around you because you aren't talking never really helps.

Leftover science. There are many foods that are good as leftovers but science is a whole different story. I liked my last LifePac-it was about the different body systems, but this one is about plants and hybrids, and dominant and recessive genes, and some Australian scientist dude.

Oh, do I have a story to tell. Well I 'm sure you are expecting me to be the one to have spilled the hot chocolate in the suburban again, but it wasn' was my mom! She was sitting in the suburban yesterday watching us run drinking her hot chocolate in one of those disposable coffee cups you can get at Kroger's. Well, hers must not have had a hole in the lid to let the air escape on the other side so the cocoa kept splashing her in the face every time she let off so she leaned over to get a tissue. She accidentally bumped the latch on the console which knocked her hot chocolate cup spilling the contents on the seat, on my jacket, and in the inside of her purse (it was unzipped). Maybe we should all quite drinking hot chocolate in the suburban.


  1. WOW! Sounds like you've had a great day. :D I hate sore throats, they have to be the worst. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Hey Girly!
    How's life? I see I've missed a lot on your blog lately! Everything looks great!! ;)
    I really enjoyed all the pictures you posted... I didn't realize that you and your sis were soooo adorable!!!
    You should post more pictures more often!
    Good times - Nicole

  3. Hey Olivia, I have a terrible time with hot drinks. I have spilled hot chocolate (I don't drink coffee) on myself and other object too many times to count. About the sore throat, I know exactly what your talking about. Do you, or have you done much ice skating? I have been doing it on and off for about ten years with a home school group we were a part of. :-)

    Tady (Timothy)


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