Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Java-Mocha-Cappuccino-Espresso-Thingamajig Anyone?

"I declare, ifffen those ladies anxious to catch themselves a man would wear the aroma of fresh-perked coffee 'stead of some Pari perfume, they might just get somewhere."
-Clark Davis- Love's Enduring Promise

Hmm...what a quote. I, personally, don't plan on trying this, but I too love the smell of freshly brewed coffee. It reminds me of my dad and vacation. We almost always get breakfast at McDonalds when we are going on vacation. My dad will get a large black coffee which fills the vehicle up with that wonderful aroma-well that, cinnamon rolls, and hash browns. I've never have liked the taste of coffee. Morgan likes java drinks; the more coffee flavor the better. Jared can drink coffee too... if it's a 2 ounce cup with 2 cups of sugar and half a gallon of creamer, catch my point? Mom will drink a cup of decaf if we're out somewhere and she's freezing and their is no tea or hot chocolate. Coffee and I just don't really mix, like oil and water. I do like DQ's Moolattes, carmel to be exact. It has a strong coffee flavor... it's weird though, I can only taste the coffee part of it when I swallow, not when it's on the tip of my tongue. I am a french vanilla steamer kind of girl with hot chocolate and french vanilla cappuccinos following a close 2nd and 3rd on my list. Well, to close this post I have come to the conclusion that if you love straight black coffee then your taste buds are probably burnt and you can't taste the real flavor. Wait i thought of something else-why are there so many combos of syrups to choose from? I can't make up my mind sometimes. You know what I'm talking about-froufrou coffee. I don't know, but this is just my whole out look on java.


  1. I like specialty coffee drinks, but if I had a choice, I'd probably pick hot chocolate over coffee.

  2. Well...I think I'd agree with Sir Jared. Coffee's mighty fine if there's more sugar and cream than the actual bean flavor! :D


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