Saturday, April 12, 2008

Epcot-Part 2

This awesome ceiling was in 'England'.

Here is the huge Christmas tree.

Some of the workers playing the trash cans.

In 'Germany' they had a Christmas tree covered in pickle ornament, it is a tradition.

Oui, Oui don't we look magnificent!

Alright, here is the clearest picture I could find of the Christmas Spectacular. Kirk Cameron read the Christmas story (if you look hard you can see him at the podium)-Steven Curtis Chapman was there the week before!

Stay tuned-the firework pictures are next!


  1. I want to play the trash cans. :) Looks like fun!

  2. Ahh! Thanks dear for all the pics! This is really awesome. Looks like you had an really fun time. I love the pic of 'China'. :) And all the hats!
    Happy DEing!! :)

  3. Hey Olivia,
    I couldn't remember how to get to your blog! funny. :-) Well, I did find you again anyway.

    Epcot looks amazing! I loved the pictures.


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