Friday, April 18, 2008

Drivers Education and An Earthquake...

Last night was my last night of drivers ed! I was sure I was going to flunk the written test which consisted of 50 questions. There were multiple choice, true and false, and fill in the blank questions. If you missed more than 12 then you could either retake it that night or come back Saturday morning. I, thankfully, missed only 2 and got a 96%...I was quite thrilled! I start my driving time with the instructor tomorrow morning and then have it again on Monday and Thursday. The last steps to getting my license will be getting the rest of my 50 hrs. and taking the driving test. The drivers ed teacher is a funny old guy with funny little sayings or mispronunciations so I wrote some of them down-

-Mr. Jonesisms-

1. Onced a year (once a year)

2. Twiced a year (twice a year)

3. Acme (acne)

4. Poosh (push)

5. Warsh (wash)

6. Pasger (passenger)

7. " mom up and say guess who got squarshed (squashed) on Wagner."

8. "Ol' Rick knew..." (him referring to himself when he was young)

Last night we also had to watch the "gory driving video" in class which I very rarely looked up and wished I hadn't. I had really freaky dreams because of it and kept waking up through the night. Well around 5:30am I felt my bed start shaking violently and the first thing that ran through my head was that Jesus was coming back (I decided that when Jesus comes back it would definitely be loud enough to wake my brother up). Then, I thought that maybe the dryer was on (sometimes it would shake out beds and desks even though Morgan and I's bedroom is upstairs at the opposite side of the house) but then decided mom wouldn't be doing laundry that early, my final thought was earthquake. I've never felt on before but I was pretty sure that was what it was so I go,

"Morgan are you awake? Did you feel that?"

She responds "It was probably just thunder."

My logic kicks in and I precede to tell her that it's not raining and the moon is out bright.

Morgan then tells me, "It's just a freight train."

More logic...we don't live near railroad tracks.

I tell her, "No I'm pretty sure we just had an earthquake."

Come morning I found out that she knew it was an earthquake but didn't want to freak me out further. The news said we could feel tremors from it all day...kinda creepy.


  1. wow! i have never experienced an earthquake, I have been in PLENTY of tornados (that includes over 8 hours in the basement at 1 time). good thing, my grandma has a freezer in the basement with lots of goodies! i would have done the same thing as morgan if jess asked me.
    i am so nervous about starting to learn how to drive. if you want, i'll email you my go-cart story and you'll understand why!
    hope you are all ok!

  2. Isn't that strange?? Funny....some friends of ours said they felt the earthquake this morning as well. I must say that I'm glad I didn't feel anything....earthquakes kind of scare me... :-D

  3. congrats on completing your driver's ed! =D

  4. I've never been through an earthquake, we don't really have them where we live. (yeah!)

  5. ps...congrats on passing!

  6. Glad to hear you passed you test.
    I never took drivers ed but I have family members and none family members who wished I had.........

    Some of my Dad's family live in MI. and they felt the earthquake.
    My poor Aunt thought someone was breaking into her house, she said it sounded like someone was breaking her door down :) lol :)

  7. #1 we DO live near TONS of railroad tracks. How do you not know that?

    #2 Mr. Jones says "mom and pop"

    #3 i only said it was a train because you were flippin out. =)

    don't you love it when I correct you on the internet?


  8. Wow!! You've never been through an earthquake before! A bunch of people who have posted here haven't! Here in CA we get so many quakes, It hardly worth talking about.

    Congrats again on the drivers test.

    Our class had to watch a few of the red asphalt videos. :-(



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