Thursday, March 27, 2008

You Know You're Homeschooled If...

You graduate with a 4.0 or higher-and didn't even know it.

You were constantly asked by the cashiers while waiting in checkout lines "so no school today?" (How I dreaded this question when I was younger. My siblings and I would usually reply no to which then the cashier would ask what school we went to. Our response was always 'Shiloh Christian Academy' the name my mom dubbed as our school's name)

You're able to take an hour long lunch break, and watch TV. (It's how the French do it so it really could be considered for some World Culture class, right? j/k)

You're Standardized tests come back and you placed 98% higher than the kids in your same grade that took the same test. ( It's so funny I do really well on Standardized testing but not always the best on tests at home; Jared always does good on tests at home but not the best on Standardized tests. {Note: We always pass- we aren't allowed to flunk! :-D })

You actually got good lunches. ( So true. I've never had to worry if the school hamburgers were really soy burgers painted brown...I've heard stories!)

Note: These are all JUST stereotypes/exaggerations of the truth. For example, homeschoolers don't have only 2 hours of school a day; we have to get our work done, and pass our grades just like the rest of the world. My use of Wonka's Nerds is a joke between my siblings and friends of ours. We constantly joke with each other about being 'homeschooled nerds', hence the picture. At our homeschool co-op we were stuffing pinatas for the little kids and wrote 'homeschool' on all the boxes of nerds. This is my last post for this series.


  1. Hahaha! These are SO true! Especially the cashier...glad to know we aren't the only to have that question asked to us!

  2. Yes, we were and still are asked that question by lots of people when were out and about at lunch time. Except my mom makes us answer the we're homeschooled. :-p


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