Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mr. Idea/Build It/Fix It

Jared had this idea the other day of how to make a barn door to replace the gate we had across Blaze's stall. Much to Blaze's dismay it can be used to keep him in, or out.

Here's Jared working on the frame.

Posing (b/c Morgan made him) with the finished frame.

After all the rain we had the corral was a mess, so Jared and I put Blaze in the stall and then he took the 4-wheeler and snow plow to smooth out the dirt/mud.

It looked really nice after he finished. You can click the picture and see the finished barn gate. Jared added red metal on it and a wood top painted white with a finished edge on it. He still has to make the latch.

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