Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy 80th Birthday Grandpa!

Herman Hayworth Coy

Born on March 24, 1928

Happy 80th Birthday Grandpa!

Last March my Grandpa spent his 79th

birthday in the Dayton Heart Hospital after

he had a heart attack and nearly died (he didn't find out he nearly died
until we were talking about it at Mother's Day. He said he always felt quite peaceful about the
whole ordeal and had no idea he almost died.)

He is now as lively as ever and loves gardening,

reading books on Indians, listening to talk radio,

and baking pies and cobblers.

Note: For Morgan's birthday I ended up gettin her Monk and Neagle's 'The Twenty-First Time' CD.

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  1. HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY, Mr. Coy! Hope you have a wonderful day! :-)


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