Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rock Climbing At Cedarville

After the game our friend that attends Cedarville took us to go climb the huge rock wall. Jared tried tried doing the medium level so he never got up very far. He's in a grey sweatshirt in the first 2 pictures. The boy close to the top in the first picture is a fellow Hawk player.

I think Jared was trying to get a good grip.

I think this was when he was starting.

Me coming down (sorry the pictures are in the reverse order of how they happened.)

Honking the horn to let everybody in the gym know I made it to the top.

Morgan loves this picture with the Bible verse.
(My jeans are rolled up so I wouldn't step on them.)

Making some head way.

Getting started is probably one of the hardest parts.

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