Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Peak Into The Mind of A "Genius" Part 1

I have finally decided that I am blonde. Tonight Jared had and away basketball game (we won... go Hawks!) and since it was cold out mom brought oatmeal raisin cookies and hot chocolate for us to have on the ride home. Morgan took a sip of her hot chocolate and said it was still to hot to drink so I thought of a brilliant idea..." I'll hold it up to the air vent in the ceiling since the heat isn't hot yet. " The vent was closed and I was like I want this to cool off faster so I open the vent all the way and what do you think happens? Ah yes, my hot chocolate blows onto the tan material on the ceiling of the suburban (mom had a tide to go stick in her purse) , also the back of my seat (at least it's leather and wiped off), and my face (I found that out when we got home). It's amazing how much an "inventive" idea can get you in trouble! =-p

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  1. Hahahahahaha! You're funny! (Don't worry though--I can totally see myself doing the same thing!)


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