Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Day with Kaiden and Cally

Last Tuesday I babysat for these 2 cuties! We had lots of fun playing and watching tv. Kaiden is 3 and Cally just turned 1. I am not a very good photographer so the pictures aren't that great plus it's hard with Cally on the go now! Kaiden wasn't very interested in getting his picture taking but I snapped a couple anyway. They get along so great; like if Cally is crying Kaiden makes her smile again. They are a blast to watch.
Belly Laugh
Am I cute or what?
(Her sleeve just didn't want to stay up)
" I wish she'd quit taking pictures of me."

Brotherly love
Watch'n Max and Ruby
I think that's Ruby of Max and Ruby

Keeping one eye open and one eye closed.

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