Monday, January 28, 2008

Up, Up And Away...

Yesterday, a friend from church called and asked if my dad and Jared wanted to take a ride in his plane. I, of course, was like "Wait a minute. If Jared gets to go then I am definitely going." We met our pilot, Mark, at our county's small airport to take a spin in the 2007 Cirrus! I took tons of pictures and video of the sunset and all the tiny houses and fields below! He let Jared and I both fly it by ourselves. It was so amazing and surreal! (Jared and I had never flown before.) I can't figure out to get the video on and I have more pictures, so you'll have to wait for more!

How awesome is this?

A slightly nervous dad.

Some of the controls.

From the bird's eye view.

This is one of the better shots.

This is where the lever is to activate the parachute. We were shown how to work it and where the hammer is kept if we would need to bust the glass to crawl out. We obviously didn't need either!

The "steering wheel."

This is my "In The Air Force?" look. Okay, I'll be honest. I was actually thinking "In The Navy." The air is thin up there!


  1. Hey Liv,

    That was so awesome that you got to fly! Next time I'm tagging along(lol).


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  3. Hey Olivia!
    I was browsing around a friends' blog and saw you had left a comment. I read what you wrote and saw we have a lot in common :) The most significant being that we have the same name :)
    I am 17 and am also home schooled and a Christian. I live in Western NY.
    I look forward to stopping by your blog more often :)
    stop by mine and leave a comment if you're ever in the area :)
    God bless :)
    -Olivia Joy


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