Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Walmart Confusion

I have decided to write about Walmart because I am there most Saturdays with my dad and brother. There are things that I just don't understand about this super store. Here is my top ten list of confusing things about Walmart:

1. At our Walmart you can go in the exit and out the entrance. This causes problems for those who are trying to go in the entrance and out the exit

.2. What is with the "Express Lanes?" It really takes longer because everyone thinks it faster so they take their 19 items to the "fast" lane.

3. How about the "Self Checkout?" They also take longer because the average person isn't trained in quickly locating the scanner tag or putting dollar bills in the little slot or even bagging their own purchases.

4. Why is it that you see everybody you know at Walmart and stop to talk for a half hour when you just ran in for a pack of batteries?

5. Who in the world goes to Walmart after midnight? Somebody must or else they wouldn't keep it open for 24 hours.

6. Why do people drive like maniacs in the parking lot?

7. Why are the parking spots so tight? All of you who have read my "The Art of Driving and My Lack Thereof" know that I have problems in the Walmart parking lot.

8. Does anybody else have a brother that is "magnetically" attracted to the Walmart hunting department? It's not that huge of a section for my brother to spend about 30 minutes in it every Saturday.

9. Why is Walmart always so busy, especially on Saturdays? I completely understand if that is like the only store for about 2 hours, but ours is surrounded by other stores.

10. Finally, is there anyone out there who calls it "Wally World" besides my brother and most of his friends?


  1. Answer to #5- Me and Stewart!

    Answer to #10- My family always called it that, too! I'm really not sure where the name even came from.

  2. Liv! I love love love this post! Yes, your brother is not the only one magnetically attracted to the hunting section...mine for some weird reason are too. And everyone around here calls wal-mart "wally world"! :) Have a great night! luv, lynni

  3. Ummmm....olivia? I just wrote "yes" your brother is the only not the only one attracted to the hunting section....well, i meant "no". hehehehehe my head is in the clouds!

  4. We call it "Wally World" sometimes being funny!

  5. Wally World is a common name in our family for Walmart! :)


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