Thursday, January 10, 2008

Morgan and I decided to "play dress up" this past Tuesday night- she was a geeky librarian and I was a rockstar. It started when we were playing with our hair and then we got carried away...

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  1. Hey Olivia! :) I found you...:) Cute blog, I like your background. pretty cute.

    Did have a good time at Co Op yesterday? I did... it was good...different than last yr but it was good.

    Hey, I didn't know you knew who Zach Hunter was (like heard of him). I thought I was the only one out there that thought he was inspiring. and that wanted to something like he did to stop slavery. :) A lot of my friends, don't even know that slavery is still going on. They are like, "Its still going on? Really?" I'm like, "Duh!" Oh my...

    Anyhow, gotta go to Christmas! Love ya and see ya Friday!-Caitlin


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