Thursday, January 3, 2008

The art of driving and my lack thereof.

I got my drivers permit back in July and at this point I have 14 of my 50 hours! If I had all of my hours done and my drivers ed completed then I could get my license in 11 days. That isn't going to happen. I was driving with my dad last Saturday and attempting to back out of a busy Walmart parking spot. I was being oh so careful pulling out and was at the point to where I needed to shift into drive. I go to hit the gas as my dad shouts, "What are you doing?" My foot freezes as I respond with, "I don't know!" Had I accelerated I would have creamed the car behind me. With that said here are a few things I have learned that are necessary to become a good driver.

1. Always remember which is the gas peddle and which is the brake. (I haven't confused the two, yet anyways).

2. Don't go over the white or yellow lines. They are there so you learn how to stay on your side of the road when you drive on country roads that have neither.

3. "I don't know" is not a good answer when the parent you're driving with just asked you why you did the stupid thing you just did.

4. Your younger brother will live while riding with you. Mine is still living even though he says we nearly died every time he rides with me.

5. Slow down when you are turning and accelerate after you come out of the turn. Do not accelerate on the turn and do not slow down so much that you almost stop when coming out of the turn.(This happens to be my most common mistake.)


  1. How fun that you have your own blog now! I love your title! So cute and witty. ;) I think I had the same troubles as you when I was learning how to drive. Just keep practicing. (Preferably when there's no snow or ice on the road!)

  2. I love the name of your blog Liv. I would have never thought of that myself! I'll put you on my favorites. love, lynniiiiiiii


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